Ana Ivanovic nominated for the Women of Courage Award (for doing what?)

The U.S. State Department has nominated Ana Ivanovic for its 2008 International Women of Courage Award. The award was created by the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in order to recognize achievements by outstanding women globally with a focus on recognizing women on the ‘front lines.’

What Ana Ivanovic has done to deserve this nomination? I checked Ana’s official website to see what she has done so courageous. In addition to reaching world #2 in the rankings, “in the past year Ana became a UNICEF ambassador for Serbia. Since her inauguration in September 2007 she has not only donated a considerable sum that has enabled 15 schools to join the “Schools Without Violence” programme, she has raised awareness about child safety through her off-court activities, which included writing a newspaper column that benefited UNICEF during the Australian Open.”

That’s a lot of achievement, and I am pleased to see that athletes are socially active. However, I don’t think this is enough to get nominated for the “International Courage Award.” Check out the previous two years’ recipients here and here to understand what exactly “being courageous” means to me.

What do you think? Does Ana deserve the nomination?

3 thoughts on “Ana Ivanovic nominated for the Women of Courage Award (for doing what?)

  1. k.d.

    I reckon ana does deserve it. she’s done all she can under her circumstances, she does have to train and do tournaments while juggling interviews, photoshoots and everything else. She’s an UNICEF ambassador, visits childrens hospitals,raises money etc. i think she definitely deserves it.

  2. Dejan

    I think she is nominated because of how she struggled to get where she is now. Americans are suckers for stories like hers, practicing tennis as a little girl in an empty swimming pool during the NATO bombing of Belgrade and so on, and finding courage and strength to reach such hights personally and professionally.

  3. Nina

    I agree with you Dejan. She has definitely achieved much for her age. However, there are so many women around the world, that not only survive bombings, rape, tragic losses, diseases, but also find enough courage to risk their lives on a daily basis to make improvements in their communities, let it be in Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan, Asia, etc.

    I don’t want to undermine Ana’s achievements, but I see it as a PR move, whereas another much more deserving woman could have been nominated. I just don’t see this award as a good fit for her achievements.

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