Anastasia Myskina Pregnant and Single

Myskian PregnantMyskina Pregnant

In an interview with Russian newspaper Tvoi Den, famous Russian tennis player Anastasia Myskina confirms that she is four months pregnant and is due in May. Myskina has broken up with her recent boyfriend Russian hockey player Konstantin Korneev. No wonder Nastya was reluctant to talk about the baby’s father:

“That topic is closed. I’ll just say that I am not getting married in the near future. I am a single person. I don’t know about the baby’s gender yet, and I haven’t decided yet where I will give birth—in Russia or abroad.”

Myskina hasn’t been playing much tennis recently due to her injuries. Check out my post on Where is Anastasia Myskina? to see what she has been busy doing off court, except getting pregnant :-)

(Photos: Tvoi Den, WTA World)

3 thoughts on “Anastasia Myskina Pregnant and Single

  1. Kara

    The guy is only 22. No wonder he wasn’t ready to settle down even though his girlfriend was pregnant. The more I think the more I believe that she is not going to come back to tennis.

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