Anna Chakvetadze: The Robbers Have Promised to Come Back, More Details

I’ll be back

New details are coming out from Russia about the robbery attack on Anna Chakvetadze’s family in Moscow country house.

–According to Tvoii Den after collecting all the money and valuable, the thieves have told Anna Chakvetadze: “Keep playing, we will be back!”

–The robbers were very cynical to the point that they apologized and said that they needed the money for one kid’s heart surgery.

–Anna’s mother Natalia told media that they had done everything whatever they were asked to so that nobody had opened a fire. If one bullet was fired, we wouldn’t be alive now.

–Anna was sleeping in her room when her father’s yelling woke her up. She wasn’t even able to get up since the bandits had managed to tie her up and get info about where the valuables were kept. She was hit twice on her face.

–According to Anna and her family, the thieves were speaking Russian with Moldavian accent. It was obvious that they knew all the details of the house and about the existence of a money safe. Russia’s tennis coach Tarpischev told in an interview, that there is a strong suspicion that the former construction workers of the house were involved. No official information was released on this yet.

–Jamal Chakvetadze said that regardless of what has happened, Anna is not planning to leave Russia. (I’d add YET)


I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna Chakvetadze packs her stuff and moves to live and train in another country as many other successful Russian athletes are doing.

Lack of decent training facilities and the economic conditions are of course the main reasons that athletes prefer living in more developed countries. However, in Russia and overall in former Soviet countries the law enforcement agencies are not nearly as efficient as in let’s say in Western Europe or in the U.S. Plus, add the widespread corruption and you can understand why many citizens simple do not trust the law enforcement authorities and usually avoid reporting crimes. Famous people with widely publicized earnings naturally become the target of attacks. Socio-economic conditions also contribute to the crime rate.

Since Anna is famous around the world, Russians look at it as a blow to the country’s image and reputation. There are now high-ranking government officials, including the governor of Moscow region, who are supervising the case to make sure they solve it as soon as possible.

Chakvetadze’s country house was in Moscow suburbs which I doubt had a decent house security system in place. Though the reports are saying that the country house is in a small gated rural community, there is no developed security infrastructure available in that area.

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