Anna Chakvetadze Tied Up and Robbed in Her Country House -UPDATE 2 Video

Anna Chakvetadze Houseanna chakvetadze street

Russian media are reporting that thieves broke into and robbed Russian tennis star Anna Chakvetadzes country house in southwest Moscow early on Tuesday.

According to police, six unknown people wearing masks climbed over the fence of the country house at about 4:00 a.m. Moscow time then broke into the house and tied Anna and her parents up.

“The robbers took away money and valuables worth some 5 million rubles (over $203,000),” the police spokesman said.

Anna Chakvetadze Robbed in MoscowThe 20-year-old Chakvetadze is ranked No 6 and has earned more than $1.4 million in prize money this season. An investigation is underway. Anna and her parents were not hurt.

Horrible. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Russian tennis stars prefer living anywhere else but Russia?

(Source: RIA Novosti, others, Photos: Vesti)

UPDATE: Russia’s Fed Cup Captain Shamil Tarpischev told Ves’ Sport he had talked to Jamal Chakvetadze (Anna’s father). “The family is doing fine. Nobody was hurt. According to Jamal, Anya even tried to resist burglars. Thankfully, Anna’s 9-year-old brother Roman had been sleeping in another room and had managed to remain unnoticed. Anya is planning to start her new season preparation in several days.”

UPDATE 2: Here is a good video by NTV. The coverage is in Russian, though it shows the house and Anna’s bruised father. According to Jamal Chakvetadze, the armed men first got into the maid’s portion of the house, tied her up, tortured, got the remote control which ultimately gave them access to the house.

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  1. Nina on December 18th, 2007

    Vesti has a video of phone interview with Shamil Tarpischev. It also shows Anna’s country house and the street.

    Here is Reuter’s coverage.

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