Federer vs Nalbandian, Madrid Masters Final

David-Nalbandian vs FedererAnother great win by Argentine David Nalbandian. The 25-year-old unseeded Nalbandian outclassed world No 3 Novak Djokovic with a 6-4 7-6 victory to reach his first final of the year. As I said in my previous post, the guy can beat anyone on any surface IF he is in the zone. This week has been his “Zone” week.

Nalbandian’s main weakness has been his inability to close matches and win on important points. He has always been underestimated by the media and experts. He is not media favorite because he doesn’t have typical marketable personality and doesn’t like talking to them after he loses matches (his press conferences are just awful). Since I am a biased Nalbandian fan, I attribute it to the language and cultural barrier he has with English-speaking crowd:-) Otherwise he is quite nice and friendly when he speaks Spanish:-) Still I think David needs a PR consultant to better market his image.

Peter Bodo’s blog reveals a nice secret about David. His full name is … (are you ready for this?) Gervasio Esteban David Ezequiel Nalbandian. :-)

Gervasio Esteban David Ezequiel Nalbandian will face world number one Roger Federer in Sunday’s final.

3 thoughts on “Federer vs Nalbandian, Madrid Masters Final

  1. Heather

    At the last US Open, Nalbandian was playing on courts 11, 12. That might seem to be understandable since he dropped out of 20. But even when he was No 3 or 4 he would get scheduled on center courts only if he reached semis. The same is true for Davydenko.

  2. Kara

    You can’t blame the media. Nalbandian doesn’t know how to work with them. As to the tomorrow’s match I think Federer is going to win. It might be a tight match but Roger has better chances.

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