Frustrated: ONLY 2 Hours of Pacific Life Open Tennis Coverage

Don’t waste you time to analyze why tennis is losing its popularity in the U.S. No, or extremely little tennis TV coverage equals unpopularity. Yes, you can argue that it is not on TV BECAUSE there is no demand. Here is what’s on demand on FSN network: Snapple High School Basketball Game of the Week, Toughest Cowboy, BD Poker Show, In-fisherman, etc… I can “understand” why those programs are “hugely popular”….

Tennis community needs a strong lobbying organization.

You can tell that I am so frustrated that ESPN has dumped Indian Wells coverage, and FSN shows only two hours of tennis in my region (more correctly MSG+, formerly known as FSN New York). I have a quite extended cable package, which includes Tennis Channel and many other sport channels some of them bearing FSN name. But only two hours of Pacific Life Open tennis.

It seems like I am not the only one frustrated. A fellow blogger at Women Who Serve seems also unhappy about it :

ESPN and FSN can both go to hell

ESPN has dumped Indian Wells coverage, of course, and FSN is not a network, but a series of regional networks. If you get FSN West, you get to see lots of the Pacific Life Open, and I think you get to see a lot of it if you have FSN North, too. I have FSN Southwest, and the coverage is terrible. And I’ve heard that some people have FSN channels with even worse coverage than FSN Southwest.

Thanks, ESPN.

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