Happy 2008!

soviet new year card

This is an aerospace-themed holiday greeting card from the former Soviet Union. It bears the New Year greeting in Russian (s novym godom). New Year was the main holiday (ideologically more acceptable) celebrated in the former Soviet Union (officially atheist). Christmas was banned after the 1917 revolution and not celebrated again until 1992. Also, in Russia, Christmas is celebrated according to the Julian calendar, on January 7 (Armenians celebrate on January 6), and is a much different type of celebration than New Years.

My wishes for 2008!

May we all:

1. Enjoy world peace (or at least continue to dream).

2. Continue to do good and help as many people as we can in our lives.

3. Benefit from intelligent decisions from our leaders, and in the case of the Americans in 2008, the voters.

TENNIS WISH: Nalbandian, please win a Grand Slam. PLEASE!

Thank you for reading my blog!

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