How We Got David Nalbandian’s Autograph – Roland Garros

At this year’s Roland Garros Kids’ Day, my five-year-old daughter and I left the main entertaining show with Novak Djokovic and other stars on the center court, and started checking the side courts to hunt for some autographs for my daughter. We spotted American Andy Roddick practicing on one of the side courts, and decided to wait until he finishes it to ask for an autograph.

Andy Roddick practicing at Roland Garros 2012

Andy Roddick Autograph

(Hoping for an autograph from Andy Roddick.)

Then, I see David Nalbandian getting ready to start his practice after Roddick. I have been a huge David Nalbandian fan for years, don’t know how many sleepless and frustrating nights I have spent because of him. I have followed his matches religiously.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw him right in front of us, chit-chatting with Roddick.

David Nalbandian Andy Roddick Roland Garros

And this is when a mother has to do, what she has to do for her child. I yelled, YES, yelled, and interrupted their conversation and asked for David Nalbandian‘s autograph for my little Armenian girl:-) And David, who is half-Armenian, was so nice that he approached the kids and started signing autographs. Thank you David.

David Nalbandian signing autographs Roland Garros

David Nalbandian signing autographs

David Nalbandian Roland Garros 2012

Oh My God, my kid hadn’t seen her mother so excited and thrilled like a kid:-) It was a good day.

Tennis Ball with David Nalbandian’s autograph

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  1. Nina

    Yes, I told him that my little girl is Armenian. But I didn’t talk to him much, just said “thank you.” I am not sure if he understands any Armenian.

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