Intereview excerpts: Fernando Verdasco, Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Q. Did you hear about the dump-truck-pressing comment he [Andy Roddick] made?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Andy’s always exaggerating. I was so small for my age. He was small, too. But he just got jealous because my body was more fit and that my biceps are probably still bigger than his (laughter). Andy is incredibly jealous of me. You know, I just don’t know why. I can’t blame him really (smiling).

Q. His exact comment was that, at the time he had to run around in the shower to get wet while you were bench pressing dump trucks.

SERENA WILLIAMS: Again, I’ll have to talk to him, because he clearly didn’t have to run around. He wasn’t that thin. Andy’s a fit guy. Like I said, he was always trying to get muscles like mine, get more developed. I guess it still hasn’t happened yet (laughter)


Fernando Verdasco

Q. Can you explain why you are playing so well and why Ana Ivanovic seems to have so many problems?

FERNANDO VERDASCO: Good question. You know, I don’t know. I think you should ask Ana more than me about this.I don’t think that is my fault. This is what I think, you know. If you want to know something more, I think you should ask her, no? I don’t like to speak about other persons.

2 thoughts on “Intereview excerpts: Fernando Verdasco, Serena Williams

  1. Maria

    Verdasco is channeling his break-up energy in a more correct way…I wouldn’t be surprised if Ana gets depressed. She doesn’t look like a woman who can just forget about it, and move on.

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