Interview Gem – Maria Sharapova: Freud who?

From Maria Sharapova’s interview at Pacific Life Open.

Q. Ana Ivanovic yesterday spoke to us a lot about how she reads Freud, and she went on for about 10 minutes.
MARIA SHARAPOVA: How she what?

Q. Read Freud, Sigmund Freud, the psychologist.
MARIA SHARAPOVA: I don’t know who that is.

Q. The psychologist. Very famous?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: Oh, psychologist, sorry.

4 thoughts on “Interview Gem – Maria Sharapova: Freud who?

  1. Nina

    Well, apparently Roger Federer also has never heard of him. When asked about it, he told ” I don’t know who he is, never needed him.”:-)

  2. carla

    well it doesn’t really matter!

    MAria is the best!!

    if you dont know freud it doesn’t mean ur not well educated….

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