Kuznetsova to donate most of Roland Garros money to church

Svetlana Kuzentsova in MoscowIn an interview with sovsport.ru, Svetlana Kuzentsova, the recent winner of Roland Garros, shares with the Russian readers about her plans on spending her French Open Prize money–1,060,000 Euros.

“I am planning to buy an accommodation in Moscow, I am still renting an apartment. Also, I have promised to myself to buy a good expensive watch. The majority of the money I am going to donate to my church. There the director of orthodox temple is my spiritual father. I try to to be there as often as possible, to think about something personal, something eternal. But I have a very busy schedule. Occasionally, the father himself visits me. … No matter how strange it sounds, I am a very religious person and try to attend church even in other countries.”

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