Marat Safin Out of Davis Cup Final


Oh Marat, Marat… The guy is charismatic no matter what he does or doesn’t. Safin fans are going to be disappointed not to be able to see him in Portland, Oregon playing against the U.S. team in Davis Cup final. Marat Safin has ruled himself out of the Davis Cup final thus wrapping up his 2007 tennis season. His website explains.

“His mountain adventure which he thoroughly enjoyed, took him out of his rhythm and also left him with no energy. He thought he was ready coming back in Moscow but found that the stress of playing back to back tournaments was too much and his body just was not ready to cope with it. He thought he could play at a good level but it didn’t happen. “

His site also said that he will take three weeks off before meeting with coach Hernan Gumy to work out a plan of action to prepare for the start of 2008 in Australia in January.

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