37 thoughts on “Marat Safin’s new girlfriend

  1. Rebecca - UK

    Marat has been having a mid-life crisis for quite some time! What has she got on? and with those boots?! eeuurggh

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  4. nikkie

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the girlfriend looks so wierd, i think marat can do better than he pick up this singer

  5. migi

    Wow I thought she would be better looking than that… Oh well, ladies you are still in 4 a chance 😉

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  7. drema reed

    You have got to be kidding!! I read where she told a newspaper she was in love with him and he had given her some big surprise for her birthday. What about Valentine’s Day? Anything?. I think she is lying about not wanting to marry him. She wants it so bad she can taste it!! She is just saying this so he will keep going with her. If she gets possessive she knows she is history!! He wasn’t alone in Australia was he? He said he wants his freedom.

  8. miranda

    I agree. She is just telling him what he wants to hear so she can stay with him. If she knows about the girls in Australia and stays, she will stay for anything he does. I think Marat just wants company when he is home and doesn’t want to go looking for a girl everytime he goes out. She’s available.

  9. Ava

    What is she wearing, its horrible.Besides her clothing i can’t say anything about her, she obviously has something that attracts him. I wish i could have a chance to date him.

  10. lisa

    well i think you should all give her a break, i mean who cares what dress she has on at the end of the day she is the one that is sat at the table making dough eyes at him. we all wish we could date him but lets face it none of us ever will.

  11. miranda

    Give her a break? I might if she wasn’t shooting her mouth off for every rag paper in
    Russia. She’s milking this for every bit of publicity she can. Sending him a “Valentine” in the newspaper, telling about his birthday gift to her, how he doesn’t care if she exposes herself!! Come on. Why would he care. She’s not going to be his wife. I’m way to old to think about dating Marat Safin so jealousy is not in play here, just a little common sense. He says she is his girlfriend, sort of, a little bit!! I wish him a girlfriend who is classy and dignified. Not this type who says she wants to be “Famous.”

  12. blahblah

    that girl is grouse! he must have lost his mind somewhere along the line. girl of that look can be bought for few dollars…looks far too cheep!

  13. dremajreed

    He’s just passing time without any kind of committment. When he says she’s “sort of” a girlfriend you have to know, he is NOT in love with her. And by the way, she has not met his parents even though she says she has. Pathetic!!

  14. miranda

    Yep. Pathetic. And the tattoo—what’s up with that? The Power of Love tattooed on her back for him? Not smart on her part. Please, Marat, move on!!

  15. dremajreed

    Nope for real!! There were pictures of her in a Russian paper showing it to some guy and gushing about his “sexual prowess.” She’s a piece of work. No wonder he says he has a girlfriend “sort of. A little. A little.”

  16. zouzou2040

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
    marat safin the sexiest man alive is dating this ugly woman:((((
    come on marat , you worth more than that:
    you can have a smart, sexy , beautiful, fun , perfect…woman
    please wake up!!!!
    you are a talented player and good looking man so you need a girlfriend who is a 100times more beautiful than this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. miranda

    It’s not so much the lack of physical beauty (these are some bad pictures) but the lack of class that gets me. Always talking about their relationship and then saying she doesn’t believe in making feelings public. Saying she’s a “strong woman” and then clinging onto him like a barnacle!! She is not honest with how she feels and tells him whatever she has to in order to keep him. I think he has lost his mind!!! You want this for the mother of your children??

  18. dremajreed

    Has anyone noticed how Nastya has finally shut up? Guess Marat got to her and told her to knock it off, of else she got wind of the video where he said he had a girlfriend “sort of.” She says they don’t want to “shine” anywhere together. Probably he just doesn’t want to take her anyplace where they can be seen together!!

  19. miranda

    Guess what?? He dumped her!! No surprise here. No wonder she has been quiet. Russian press says he “threw” her but we all know what that means. She is now the “Old girlfriend.” Good for you Marat.

  20. Mazza

    Marat needs someone strong and independent and well quite frankly not someone who looks like they will be a damsel in distress and will need marat to save her.
    i really hope what you have said is true and that she is his “old girlfriend”.
    many of his other girlfriends were better, like dasha

  21. miranda

    It is true. She is history. The whole story was a lie about him proposing to her. His circle of friends say he was furious toward the end of this whole thing saying Life.ru made the whole thing up, as they always do. They say he dated her but was not in love with her and she knew it, though she tried everything she could to get him. She is pathetic and tried to make him jealous by posting a picture of herself with a new “suitor.” Thank God this is over!!!

  22. Jess

    I’m a Safinettes and I feel sorry for his ex-girlfriend, being dumped and looked down by all.

    Well, on a bright side, I’d like to be in her shoes anyday… to have Marat for a while :) Pathetic but that old girlfriend had a good time.

  23. miranda

    I guess a little sympathy is in order here, being dumped and having to read about in every rag in town, but she should have kept her mouth shut about him, not giving out countless interviews about her love for him. If all someone wants is a good time for a while, I guess dating him would be fun, but in the long run, not so much. We all love him in one way or other. Find a nice girl Marat.

  24. maha

    i hope that he can find woman and fall in love with.cause i love him i wish better for him.by the way i’m muslim too from egypt.

  25. yangdon

    Hi Mr. Safin,
    You are highly regarded and your games were the best for me. I have a special attachment with you and yours games. You are tooo special for me and my kids. My son resembles you and he too plays tennis in our country. I wish I know your email ID so that I can write my personal feelings that I had when you say bye to the world of tennis fans.
    If anyone knows his email id, please let me know, that would be nice.
    I wish you a very happy and healthy life through out.

  26. judy

    Marat, after all these years, please choose someone who is better looking and doesn’t look like robot-barbie!! EWWWWWWWssssssss!

  27. kristine

    oh no…. it’s like a blow to my chest! cant believe it…

    i was praying tnat someday i’ll see him in person still single… why oh why???

    *sigh* i dont think i’ll like her ever…. T_T

    to Marat: i’ll still love you…

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