Maria Kirilenko’s wedding photo


After much anticipation, Maria Kirilenko posted a wedding photo on her Instagram account with a note:

“… So, it’s official: now you can congratulate me, it’s the happiest day of my life!”

And the fans have already started commenting that she looks pregnant in the photo. She is beautiful.

[Update 2:  Maria didn’t marry his sparring partner. Apparently that rumor was wrong. According to, she got married to an influential Russian businessman named Alexei.]

[Update 1: According to a Russian gossip site, Kirilenko married to her sparring partner Alexander Krasnorutskiy.]

Maria Kirilenko Wedding Photo instagram

(Photo source: Maria Kirilenko’s Instagram account)

4 thoughts on “Maria Kirilenko’s wedding photo

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  2. Nara

    Marija, it was hard to find any info. The only one I found yesterday, turned out to be wrong. Yeah, you don’t keep that level of privacy when you are marrying your sparring partner:-) The info about her getting married to a Russian businessman seems more reliable (and logical).

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