Maria Sharapova Australian Open Quotes

  • “No matter where my ranking is, I’m one of the toughest competitors out there. I never leave the court without giving a hundred percent and that’s why I think I gain a lot of respect from my fans.”
  • “I am still 20 years old, I have said it many times, I don’t think this is the peak of my career. I believe that there are many more years to go, and I’m going to learn from all those experiences within those years.”
  • “I don’t think I’m going to be playing for another 10 years — I’d love to have a family at 30 already!

About her father’s “hoodie.”

  • “Nike gave it to him, unfortunately. He looks like an assassin. I swear, he’s a really nice guy, but I told him, ‘You look like an assassin with that jacket on’. He has a cold, so he told me he had to put the hood on. I said, ‘You can wear it, but don’t put the hood on’, but he’s like, ‘I have a cold’. It was really funny.”

After beating Lindsay Davenport:

  • “I thought I saw her little kid giving me dirty looks.”

About her main threats at Australian Open:

  • “Well, obviously Justine has had, you know, an incredible year last year. You know, she’s the big favorite here, I believe. But, you know, I think that’s why you put the nets up every single morning. That’s why you have two players, not one, out there on the court. You have a chance in every single match, and so do your opponents. But, you know, my only worry is just to take care of my business on my side of the net. You know, if I lose the match doing everything I can and giving it everything I have, then it’s a good day at the office.”

About her plans to study fashion design in London’s famous Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

  • I definitely want to go to college. “I would love to do it in the old fashioned way where I go to a classroom and study,

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