11 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova family photos

  1. kim

    I truly love Maria’s style of tennis play. We see only her father at her matches, and I am aware that her mother gets too nervous to watch her play. I just wanted to have a look at her whole family; what completes her as a person. Mama is just as gorgeous.

  2. carla

    No wonder Maria is so pretty and charming!!
    c’mon look at her mom!!

    SO cute to see her with her family!!

    MAria is the best!!
    the greatest Tennis player!!

  3. Neman

    Maria is the “greatest tennis player ever”? you gotta be kidding me! Maybe he greatest double faulter ever….

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  5. kayrez

    I would like to see Maria be No. 1 again; she is a fascinating athlete. Thank you so much for the family pics. Looking forward to the Australian Open and seeing Maria play.

  6. Irina

    Maria is a classy young lady. She is gorgeous inside out. I am so proud of her achievement! I will always be her fan, not because i am Russian too. Maria is one of young people who are great roll models to the others. I wish her the best!

  7. Julia alexander

    I feel MARIA to be so arrogant! Detest her yelling which is cheating during a match! Disturbing and she likes that.

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