Maria Sharapova spotted with new boyfriend

Paris Metro Station Greeting Roland-Garros Visitors

Charlie Ebersol is old news. So who is Maria Sharapova’s new boyfriend? Maria has been spotted recently with her rumored boyfriend Sasha Vujacic–a Slovenian basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers drafted him in 2004, and in 2008 he signed another three year deal worth fifteen million dollars. You can follow Vujacic’s on Twitter. Here are some photos of the lovely couple.

Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic

Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic

More photos after the cut…

Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic boyfriend

Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic

7 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova spotted with new boyfriend

  1. anne

    what a perfect couple..sasha is so cute!!!and a good basketball player as well.he just need more time to play to establish his rhythm..pls. lakers don’t trade him..he can do a lot to help win another championship this season..he’s a sharp shooter.and anyone in lakers knows it..sharapova and sasha is hottest couple ever..

  2. John M

    Its funny saw the pair of them today, at the same cafe and certainly Sasha was wearing the same outfit.. So funny!

  3. bub m lee

    Yoi are the perpect tennis player
    this wimbledon
    l hope you will be win in final game
    your sincetely fan bub m lee from korea

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