Maria Sharapova to Host Laureus World Sports Awards Ceremony

maria-sharapova-laureusjpg.gifIt is that time of the year again. I am talking about the Sports Oscar. St. Petersburg, Russia, will be the focus of the sporting world when it stages the 2008 Laureus World Sports Awards in the Marinsky Concert Hall on February 18. The glittering award ceremony will be hosted by famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova along with another equally famous Russian export supermodel (with Cinderella story) Natalia Vodianova.

Roger FedererLaureus is a universal movement that celebrates the power of sport to bring people together as a force for good. Laureus World Sports Awards are awarded annually to sportspeople who have been outstanding during the previous year. World No. 1 tennis player Roger Federer has won Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for the last three years consecutively. Unlike Sports Illustrated, they know what they are doing. He is among nominees again.

World No. 1 Justine Henin has been nominated for the 2008 Laureus World Sportswoman Award. The full list of nominees are available here.

3 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova to Host Laureus World Sports Awards Ceremony

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  2. michelle lilting

    I think it’s ridiculous that Sharapova earns more than Serena Williams who has worked harder and won SEVERAL more majors than Sharapova. Even considering the age difference, Serena had won more majors by the time she was Sharapova’s age. It is particularly grating because Serena Williams is a brilliant AMERICAN and Sharapova has publicly stated that she did NOT want to become an American. She even played for RUSSIA in Fed Cup, yet crazy, racist AMERICAN companies pay that RUSSIAN more money? They look even DUMBER after those Russian SPIES were caught and shipped out of the country. Btw, has anybody seen Sharapova’s weirdo father lately? Shaking my head. That’s just ONE of the reasons the Williams sisters have had for being justifiably upset with their own racist country. After Serena and Venus have risked injury playing for peanuts for Fed Cup and the Olympics ( from which they brought home GOLD medals) for the USA, THEY deserve to be making more from US companies than some LESSER player who is a FOREIGNER does. And don’t start the racist crap about “looks!”God has blessedly given human beings the ability to adapt to their environments. Serena Williams is as beautiful with HER features as a person whose features just prove her ancestors froze their heinies off! Serena Williams should be the richest woman athlete on the planet. Canon – and even Nike should be ASHAMED of itself! They wouldn’t pay some handsome quarterback who had won far LESS than Peyton Manning more money than they pay Peyton Manning! Misogyny coupled with racism in this country is a doubly demonic thing. Nike should pay Serena Williams OVER a 100 million dollars if they could pay LESSER player and FOREIGNER Sharapova 70 mil!

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