Maria Sharapova’s new boyfriend

Maria Sharapovas boyfriend

Life happens when you are not on the court ALL the time. Blogs are reporting that Maria Sharapova dates  Charlie Ebersol, the son of NBC sports chairman Dick Ebersol and actress Susan Saint James. According to New York Daily News, Sharapova joked that “my boyfriend will probably outbid you” before putting herself up for auction at the Bryan Brothers’ All-Star Tennis Smash charity event last weekend. However, one lucky guy won a date with the Russian tennis star – for  $10,000. Charlie first received media attention when he and his father survived a 2004 charter plane crash that took the lives of two crew members and Charlie’s younger brother. Since then, Charlie has become a film producer, collaborating with Ashton Kutcher on the documentary Ithuteng (Never Stop Learning). The film debutes on HBO on Dec. 3.

15 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova’s new boyfriend

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  3. RMM

    Do you honestly believe that Charlie boy would have met Sharapova if he had not been the offspring of wealthy NBC big shot Dick Ebersol? Highly unlikely. The old man no doubt made it possible for the kid to meet Maria. I trust the Liberal who moderates this website will choose not to publish this. I am devastated!

  4. Nina


    Stars like Maria Sharapova don’t usually meet their boyfriends or girlfriends in a bar. They are wealthy and powerful people with strong connections. So, it is very natural to meet people from their own circle.

    I don’t understand what being liberal has to do with Maria dating with Charlie:-)

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  7. Jeremy

    for me maria focused to her carrer in tennis not his boyfriend i see her winning in court she is cute

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    maria sharapova is very buitiful tenis player i like her alot…may be their new friendship very lucky for her

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