My top 5 reasons why Justine Henin quit

  1. Personal growth.
  2. Heightened health consciousness due to losing her mother at a young age.
  3. Heightened urgency to enjoy the life while you can (again due to the reason given above).
  4. No more necessity to prove herself in front of the once estranged family members or ex-husband after reconciling with her family and achieving a record success last season.
  5. She wants to be free!

She is a brave woman.

Also check out my piece She is Already at the Top, So What’s Next? written as part of On the Baseline Tennis News’ 2008 Players to Watch Series.

What is your guess? Why Justine quit?

2 thoughts on “My top 5 reasons why Justine Henin quit

  1. Andy Murray

    She will be missed, she was (is) a great player. I was looking forward to seeing her at Wimbledon this year, but unfortunately she won’t be there.

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