New Orleans

I haven’t been able to post much in recent days because I was having a lot of fun in New Orleans. When you are in Big Easy, your priorities shift. Fun, food and music take over tennis! I absolutely love Nola. There is so much spirit and love of life in that city. And the last several days were particularly fun there. In addition to usual tourists, the city was full of LSU and OSU football fans, and educators. The Allied Social Science Association was having its annual conference which brings together thousands of university professors and newly minted PhDs (job candidates) from all over the world. It was interesting to observe how the sports fans and academia were having fun together in the world-famous French Quarter.

Now I am back to my usual routine–which of course involves tennis. The first disappointment was when I read that my tennis muse (aka David Nalbandian) injured his back while practicing with Marat Safin. His participation at the Australian Open is in doubt. Now I officially think Nalby is jinxed (not that I believe in jinxing). :-)

New Orleans 1 New Orleans 2

2 thoughts on “New Orleans

  1. Aaress

    Thanks for sharing the pictures Nina! I was actually born in New Orleans and travel to the city to visit family at least 3-4 times per year.

    It’s a lovely town and the culture and people are wonderful!

  2. Nina

    Wow, that’s great! Even though it perhaps has the highest crime rate among the U.S. big cities, we found people to be very nice and welcoming. We loved it. Plus, it was warm and sunny:-)

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