No 1 Justine Henin retires from tennis immediately

Needless to say that I am still stunned. I will miss Justine.

Good luck and happiness to you! Au revoir!

(in her own words)

“It’s a big day in my life.”

“This is the end of a child’s dream.” “It is a new beginning for me. I feel like I already lived three lives. I gave the sport all I could and took everything it could give me. I take this decision without the least bit of regrets. It is my life as a woman that starts now.”

“I know that it’s a shock and a surprise for a lot of people but it’s a decision I have been thinking about for some time.

“It’s the end of a great adventure, the end of something I had dreamed of since I was five.

“I have experienced everything I could have. I have lived completely for tennis. A new future is ahead and I won’t go back on this decision.”

“I also want to travel, to get away from the pressure, and to do many things I can never do.”

“The decision is final, I stop immediately with tennis.” “I stop without regret. I’ve given everything.”

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