President Obama meets Serena Williams, compliments her shoes

It is good to be Serena Williams. AP says President Barack Obama and his family welcomed the Wimbledon champion Serena Williams to the White House yesterday.
“It was amazing. I love President Obama; he has such an unbelievable presence, and he seems to be so normal — and he noticed my shoes. I think that was the highlight of the whole day, was he liked my shoes.”

“He asked me, ‘Should I be wearing high heels?’ So I thought that was kind of funny because he may have been right,” Williams said. “Because it is a job hazard for me, but I insist on wearing them.”

Williams also had an opportunity to meet the First Lady and the rest of Obamas including Bo Obama:

“I didn’t know she had such an amazing personality. She had me cracking up and laughing. I knew she was a great person, but now I really understand how important this first family is to the United States. And the kids were just so cute and sweet, and the dog was nice.”

[TIB: Here is Serena’s reaction to Barack Obama’s election.]

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