Russian tennis stars and their significant others

While our stars are busy enjoying their lives during the off season (which means falling in love, breaking up, buying tournaments, posing for magazine covers, etc). Let’s take a look at some photos of famous Russian stars and their “significant others.” Since this is based on mostly gossip, I have to say I don’t really know if these couples are still together as of my writing:-)

Maria Sharapova and boyfriend

Maria Sharapova and Charlie Ebersol. When talking about Russian stars, she comes first.  Along with posing for magazines, making headlines for being threatened by a crazy tennis player, Maria Sharapova also managed to find a boyfriend while waiting for her shoulder to heal).

Igor AndreevMaria Kirilenko dating Igor Andreev

Igor Andreev and Maria Kirilenko. (Wikipedia still says Andreev is dating Russian fashionista Masha K.) Don’t they look like the blond version of this famous tennis couple :-)

Mikhail Youzhny and girlfriend

Mikhail Youzhny and Julia Thomas. So he can also be nice and tender?

Nikolay Davydenko and his wife Irina

Nikolay Davydenko and his wife Irina. (I hope Irina has more color and personality than her famous husband).

Marat Safin and girlfriend

Marat Safin and Russian pop singer Nastya Osipova. (Our favorite playboy’s latest girlfriend didn’t score high among his  fan base:-)


…and Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias.

Are there any other couples out there that I don’t know of?

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