Safin’s parents still waiting for introduction to his girlfriend

Marat Safin’s girlfriend singer NastyaTo all Marat Safin fans out there, this might be a good news for you. Ever since Marat’s pictures surfaced online with his recent girlfriend Nastya Osipova, Safin’s female fans have started enthusiastically discuss if she is good enough for the famous charismatic Russian tennis player. Now the Russian Life magazine writes that Marat’s father Mikhail Safin wonders why they haven’t met his girlfriend yet, a 24-year-old pop Russian singer whom he reportedly has been dating for about a year. “We only hear from friends and the media that Marat has a girlfriend. Maybe he is being shy or maybe he has his own reasons not to let us in his personal life. However, I find it strange.” See more Nastya’s photos here.

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