Saga of Tommy Haas poisoning, Russia, and Davis Cup

As if recent tennis match fixing and drug allegations weren’t enough to make tennis-indifferents ( I just coined that word) become interested in the sport of tennis, now Hollywood-style-Russian-mafia stories are circulating in media. German tennis star Tommy Haas announced that he believes he was poisoned during his country’s Davis Cup semi-final defeat to Russia in Moscow last September. The International Tennis Federation has started to investigate the claim.

Haas says he’s never felt as ill as he was on the eve of his singles match on the last day against Igor Andreev, which he lost in straight sets to give Russia the tie 3-2.

AP reports that German teammate Alexander Waske said he was told by a Russian who manages numerous athletes that it was poisoning, not a virus.“He said as an aside, that it was bitter that Tommy Haas was poisoned,” said Waske, who answered the man by saying that it was a virus. “Thereupon he said, no, they poisoned him.”

Haas is still feeling the effects and he’s flying to New York later this week to undergo blood and hair tests to try and explain his illness.

Here is my take on this. I hate to jump into conclusions but I have to say, that it is quite possible that he was poisoned. Also, the odds that they will find out what has happened is pretty low! Why? Have you been following what’s going on in Russia? Well, just a couple of names: Viktor Yuschenko, Alexander Litvinenko. Tommy Haas should “feel lucky” that it is not radioactive or dioxin poisoning. The U.S. Davis Cup team should be happy that they have home-court advantage against Russia. The final is scheduled from Nov. 3- to Dec. 2 in Portland, Oregon. Now… I don’t think it would be easy to convince those hippie chefs of organic vegetarian restaurants to use some Russian herbs. I love Portland. And, don’t get me wrong–I love Russia too!

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