Serena needs a Twitter advisor

I follow Serena’s tweets. They are mostly non-informative, slightly amusing, with frequent sales pitches for her book or whatever she is selling at the given moment. However, her today’s tweet somewhat annoyed me. As someone who has experienced a major devastating earthquake, I can’t help but say something about what she tweeted today:  “How is it an earthquake can happen in Haiti…This is a good time to draw close to God and learn more about his kingdom.”  REALLY???? This is what people in Haiti and the world aids organizations need now? How about “this is a good time to be generous and donate money for the relief efforts, pay more attention to earthquake preparedness, research, education, awareness…etc, etc. Serena, please just do what you are doing best–play tennis and sell books!

Serena williams twitter

4 thoughts on “Serena needs a Twitter advisor

  1. Kara

    So true. I saw Bill Maher’s twitter post: #Haiti: u know who gets away with murder? God. No matter what shit goes down, to the least deserving, he skates on “mysterious ways”.

  2. Bex

    She just uses twitter to plug all the crap that she endorses, she’s very embarassing and in this case completely inappropriate.

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