Serena Williams to become a writer?

I have to say,  this statement made me smile and reminded me of Serena’s poetry writing skills.

From USA Today:

Off the court I have a new goal. I love writing, and for quite some time now I have wanted to write a screenplay. Before, I wanted to write a script for a movie, but now my goals have changed. I have decided I would love to write a “dramedy” — a mixture of a comedy and a drama. I think my goals changed because of my recent obsessions with Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle. I spend most of my spare time on my HP computer surfing the Internet. I figured I should trade in my remarkable ability to waste time into my ability to write. I have nothing to lose. Don’t laugh, because one day I will be at the Golden Globes accepting an award.

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