6 thoughts on “Serena Williams…Apologizing?… or Promoting Her Book?

  1. Isabella

    So it the third try on Serena’s part to come up with an obvious damage controlled, publicist written apology after first acting all coy in the press room and then later with her first statement. After that didn’t cut it and many many media outlets basically said it was rubbish she finally says sorry, kind of. Give me a break, if anyone believes that 3rd statement then you’re dillusional. The first 2 were the real Williams, the third purely damage control!!

  2. Tennis This

    Really? I mean come on! She’s promoting her book via twitter? Didn’t the announcers, post match interviews, pre match interviews say it enough? Enough is enough, I’m sure her book doesn’t say anything about how she handles her anger!

  3. Ru-an

    I wasnt buying her bok in the first place, but this definitely could not have helped her books sales LOL. At least she is paying in more ways than that small fine she got 😀

  4. Marine

    She was selling that book as double glazing, hehe, maybe if she renamed it “My foot is on the line” it would boost sales a bit, as it would sound a bit more,er…CREDIBLE :0)

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