Serenaism: $75,000 fine, house remodeling, and health issues

Apparently I am not the only one getting tired of hearing Serena Williams’ whining about money and WTA rules, and making wrong decisions about her health. Kamakshi Tandon also questions her decision of playing while injured and putting all the blame on WTA for its fines and punishments.

Kamakshi writes:

For a player at Williams’ level, pulling out of Madrid would mean a $75,000 fine, plus giving up the $400,000 in bonus money the WTA awards to top players for playing all four mandatory events. But Williams had already forfeited the bonus when she pulled out of the mandatory BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, so the only financial cost of pulling out of Madrid would have been the fine, which is relatively modest given her $2 million earnings to date this season.

Still, the recently cost-conscious Williams sees even $75,000 as steep. “I’m remodeling a house,” she said. “Seventy-five thousand dollars — I don’t know about to anyone else, but that’s a lot of money to me. That’s like my whole furniture bill — some stairs, rugs, that can go a long way. In this economy, I’m not in a position to just write out $75,000 checks. Are you?”

Keep in mind that Serena has made 14 million dollars last year alone. Her decision to risk her health just to save $75,000 is not very wise in terms of her professional career, AND it even doesn’t make a business sense. If she stays healthy she can  be on the tour for many years to come. And as long as she is playing tennis and she is in the public eye, it means she will keep depositing more money in her bank account. Much more than $75,000.

Kamakshi’s full article is here.

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