Sharapova: Sorry But You Can’t Replace My Dog

Maria Sharapova Fed Cup IsraelTennis player interviews are entertaining. Whether they like communicating with the press or not, these Q&A sessions often give us some glimpse of into the character of each athlete. However, occasionally the players have to answer quite inappropriate questions.

Many people admire, but don’t necessarily like Maria Sharapova. In addition to her tennis talent, I must admit that she has humor, wit and intelligence (unlike Mr. Sharapov) and knows how to deal with sometimes very annoying questions. Masha is in Israel now getting ready for her first Fed Cup debut for Russia. During the press conference, most of the questions were directed to Sharapova. One Israeli reporter was particularly persistent.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?

Maria: I don’t comment on my personal life.

Q. Why?

Maria: Why are you so interested in my personal life? You want to take the vacant post?

Q. Well, you are always on the road. It must be very hard alone.

Maria: I am not alone. My dog is with me. And sorry, but you cannot replace her.”


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