Sharapova practice partner at Fed Cup final-Kuzy doesn’t like it

Maria Sharapova in Moscow airport reports that on Tuesday Maria Sharapova arrived Moscow to join the Russian team for the 2007 Federation Cup final against Italy, but only as a spectator and practice partner.

In a TV interview with, Svetlana Kuznetsova was”mildly” surprised why she was there. “I know that Masha is coming, but to tell the truth I am not sure why she is coming. If she says she can’t play because of her injury, how is she going to practice with us? It doesn’t make sense. Anyway my job here is to get ready and do my best.” Kuznetsova is #2 ranked player in the world.

Shamil Tarpishchev, the captain of the Russian tennis team, says that despite the rumors, he has very good relationship with Sharapova, and her dad Yuri, and he is happy that she is there to support the team.

On her website, Russia’s former world No.1 Maria Sharapova gave her explanation: “Unfortunately Tarpishchev called me the day I was visiting a doctor in Toronto, who said the best way to get rid of that 20% nagging shoulder pain… is if I don’t put any impinging overhead pressure on it for the next three weeks. Which basically means I can’t hit anything over my head…The least I could do is fly over there and be their practice partner for the week and cheer them on from the stands.” Sharapova is currently ranked 4th in the WTA rating list.

Source: Ria Novsosti

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