Tennis stars on their stance on Biijing Olympics

Beijing Olympics protests- what tennis stars think

AP has a story about how athletes are struggling on what position to take about the upcoming Beijing Olympics controversy.

Here is what some top tennis stars are thinking.

Roger Federer

Asked if he would wear a ribbon for Tibet or boycott the opening ceremony, top-ranked tennis star Roger Federer said: “No, not so far. I don’t think I will.”

“Honestly, I don’t know enough about the situation. I don’t know how much we athletes should be involved in this,” said Federer, of Switzerland. “It should be a celebration of sport and not using it for political reasons.”

C’mon Roger. You traveled the world. You pride yourself on being an open-minded person who enjoys learning about other cultures. Now all of a sudden you become modest about your knowledge on these issues.

James Blake

Fellow player James Blake believes any protest should not be an individual call.

“I don’t feel like it’s my decision to go and say, ‘I know what’s best for the entire country of China, I know what’s best for the entire Olympic team,'” the American said. “I think it should be a joint decision, kind of all-for-one decision, whether every Olympic team boycotts or we all go and we represent our country with pride.”

“I’ve worked hard. I would love to be there. I’m proud to be a part of the U.S. Olympic team,” he added. “If they tell me it’s the right thing to do to go over there, I’ll go over there. If they tell me it’s the right thing to do to stay home, then I’ll stay home. I would be disappointed, because I want to compete in the Olympics and I want to be there.”

Amelie Mauresmo

Amelie Mauresmo said the IOC shares some blame for giving the Olympics to China.

“It gets on my nerves that we athletes are the ones who are going to have to do something about the human rights and things in Tibet,” the 2006 Wimbledon and Australian Open champion said. “The people in the IOC should have never let Beijing in these conditions be the host city for the Olympics. Or make sure things are going to be right.”

And I wrote previously about Justine Henin’s opinion about the protesting the Olympics.

(Photo source: LA Times)

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