Twitter comments on Serena Williams

 After Serena Williams yesterday’s theatrics, her name was one of the top ten trending topics in Twitter land. Here are some of the comments that I overheard on Twitter.

1) Feeling very “Serena Williams” this morning, so watch out.

2) Serena Williams should have chanted, “Serenity now!”

3) Serena Williams the next John Mcenroe? One can only hop.

4) My tennis geek head is still reeling from that Serena Williams bitchfest last night. 

5) Serena Williams screams “You lie!” loses a point, and lots of money. Why are tennis players held to higher standards than legislators?

6) Can’t wait to see Serena Williams & Joe Wilson in the same anger management class. I smell sitcom!

7) From USTA: All future Serena Williams matches to be line judged by John McEnroe

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