One thought on “Venus Williams to appear on HBO’s Real Sports

  1. Mariana

    Craig – I definitely see it as *elegant* beuacse the question itself was extremely insulting and prejudiced to start with;”his isn’t your fault obviously beuacse you played really well, but it’s embarrassing for women’s tennis to see the No. 1 destroyed in that way, isn’t it?”The reporter was hunting for headlines but not only that, he completely insulted women’s tennis, venus’ performance and safina all-in-one…. The question was asked and phrased in a manner that I would see as “bullying”…. Further this question would never be phrased to ATP member let alone the defending champion or the world #1.Venus cut him off at the knees and pointed out the fallacy without becoming angry, or getting involved in a discussion or word battle b/c 1) it really didn’t deserve one 2) it would have just been misreported. YES THAT WAS ELEGANT!!!!In January we had Federer beat JMDP 6-3, 6-0, 6-0 in a GS QUARTER FINAL…. and JMDP is a supposedly a top player…. did he get these kinds of questions after the match??? And then what about his miserable heartless performance in the Final….. was Nadal asked about the state of ATP after what he did to Federer following what Fed did to JMDP…. If all the WTA stopped entertaining these idiocies in the press room it would really be for the better….. I imagine it’s a lot harder when you can’t speak in your native language so I’m not expecting anything….I was thinking that Venus, after she retires, should consider running for WTA CEO…..

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