Want to play tennis with Andy Roddick?

Charity is important. Once I remember Andy Roddick complaining how little media coverage he gets for his charity work. I agree. We are not a traditional news outlet, but we can make our little contribution and draw your attention to Andy Roddick’s charity efforts. Participate in a raffle where the grand prize includes a hitting session with Andy Roddick and special guest privileges to the 4th Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Gala where Sir Elton John will perform a concert for the private party. Get more information from Celebrities for Charity site.


One thought on “Want to play tennis with Andy Roddick?

  1. Tennis This

    Heck ya! I hope I win, I’d be stoked to try to return a 140mph serve from him. Sounds like he’s a nice enough guy to ease up a bit on those. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for the raffle win.

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