Why Nadal is doing it?

Why Rafa is doing it? Many fans have wondered about it.

Here is Nadal’s answer published in a recent interview with Time magazine.

Question to Rafael Nadal

“Why wear the Capri pants that you have to constantly pull out of your rear? Why not shorts?Sara Norm, Chicago

[Laughs.] It’s not the fault of the clothes. It’s a habit that I picked up when I was competing when I was young. I am trying to break the habit, but it’s not easy.”

Here is Novak Djokovic’s impersonation of Nadal and Maria Sharapova which he, by the way, repeated yesterday after beating Carlos Moya at U.S. Open.

2 thoughts on “Why Nadal is doing it?

  1. mezo

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    June 7, 2011 at 6:16 pm
    1- he is doing it as part of the training program, to distract the attention of the other player
    2- he has to appoint an assistant for that ( puller assistant, or secretery of the pulling.
    3- he should follow the latest techniques in pulling/
    4- i am afraid he used to put the ball in his pocket and pull his ass, what id he pull his pocket where he will put the ball then?
    5- if he pulled the pant twice is it double falt, and loose a point.
    6- the tennis federation in their last meetinf , refuse any player to pull his pants except Nadal
    7- if it is the matter of a big muscular ass why serena wiliams not pulling
    8- I advise nadal to block theoutlet of his ass by a big corck
    9- shall he use a tefal pants -non sticking-
    10- how many pulls are allowed per set
    11- what if eating cabbage ( produce a lot of gases) that will push the pant out , and his opponent will collapse from the smell
    12- an automatic electronic puller is available now for this purpose, it is called (Nadal puller) it is available wal-fart, and gas componies, you should specify the size of the batt and the diameter of the ass, buy it now and get tennis ball free.
    13- can he play without pant nor short, only T shirt, in open USA tournment, it is open all through
    14- if he retire will he continue to pull
    15- in extra time he need extra pulls
    16- he is classified No 1 in tennis and pulling
    17- to what extent his pant go inside so he is pulling, and if he forget to pull two successive points will the pants will disappear inside.
    18- did he try to use cotton pant or cotton plug
    19- how deep the inter batt groove ( or the interbatt valley)
    20- he can ask his trainer ( tony Nadal) to pull for him by remote control
    21- Nadal is left handed player and right handed puller
    22-there is wrinke free short pull free short
    23- he may wash his ass with wtare & soap, put talc powder, anti allergic cream, deoderant and antiseptic cream it will be a miss, he never touch the area gain

  2. susie

    rafa nadal is the most handsome perfect tennis player ever.He has a perfect body and is the best tennis player ever.leave him alone all jealous men

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