Would you still buy Serena’s book?

For the past several months Serena Williams has been trying very carefully to promote her book in well-planned TV appearances, through blogs and Twitter. However, yesterday she ruined all her months of hard work in a couple of minutes. Yesterday, before her semi-final  match against Kim Clijsters she wrote: “I would like to thank everyone that purchased, “On the Line!” I am on the NYT bestsellers list as number 23! I am honored & very thankful.”

My guess is, that her book sales numbers will be going down. I wonder if people who were planning to buy her book would now change their mind after the “foot fault” incident? Or maybe more people will be intrigued now to buy and read her book? What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Would you still buy Serena’s book?

  1. rcam

    I didn’t plan to buy it anyhow, bit I have read responses from her fans about the incident. It seems as though she hasn’t lost any love from those who were devoted enough to want to buy the book.
    Maybe some parents who were going to buy it as sort of motivational reading will think twice. If there was a kind of bandwagon along these lines, maybe it could turn the other way.
    Overall, I don’t see it having significant negative effect.

  2. Tennis This

    I wouldn’t buy it. It seems that she’s gotten herself into a pri-madonna mindset. It’s really upsetting to watch her loose her cool during that match and to listen to her whine about not being #1. So why would I go out and buy her book? Doesn’t she have enough money already? I mean, the tour winnings, her endorsements, her clothing line, and partial ownership of the Miami Dolphins???? Now a book! Come On Serena, focus on what you’re good at…Tennis!

  3. Nina

    As the saying goes: “When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade. Now Serena is using this “opportunity” to go from one TV show to another, apologize and heavily promote her book.

  4. SW Fan

    Of course I will buy the book. Her inapprorpiate outburst helps to humanize her. Love or hate Serena, her story is quite compelling. We need more athletes, particularly in tennis, who have personality, charisma and and compeitive will to win that sometimes leaves a bit to be desired. Like her sister, too, but Serena motivates me to watch and attend matches. WTA needs her… Looking forward to reading this book.

  5. Marine

    I would not buy it, don’t see it as a worthy and especially honest memoir just trying to make up a more glossy image for herself. The victim attitude of Serena is beyond funny now, she cannot admit when she does wrong unless she is under pressure, as we saw after the Open. She is no role model just a self-obsessed prima donna. Instead of wasting time doing book promotions she should train hard as Justine will be back next season…

  6. Something

    Has she ever read a book? Her interviews aren’t articulate, and she comes across as a functional illiterate.

  7. Angie Chan

    I was never a fan of Serena Williams to begin with, so I was always indifferent about her. However, after the foot fault incident, my feelings towards her has definitely changed. It went from indifference to shame, embarrassment, and pity towards her. I absolutely will not celebrate/endorse her or anyone else for acting like a complete animal. I believe that she really showed her true colors that day and she showed the world that this is really who she really was. She is a heartless and unremorseful behind the fake smile. She is definitely someone I could never look up to or say ” Serena was a great girl, a great person, and a great human being.”

  8. JANINE Littlejohn

    You people are false and wickedly evil. You hide your hatred of serena’s appearance behind mindless drivel & worthless excuses. You hate her for her appearance her dark skin the fact she is black, confident and successful. Serena is a WOMAN who is not apologizing for being fierce, competitive, superlative and unashamedly black. Who cares if you all don’t like her or buy what shes selling. But I’m sick of you disrespecting us her fans. Guess what? Its the right of her supporters & fans to have you filthy people stay out of her forums, shut up and get off her message boards running to every forum about her revealing your ugliness, filthiness & your hate. WE DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK. WHY? Because you don’t count that’s why.

  9. JANINE Littlejohn

    Serena is an accomplished and physically beautiful woman. I just wish she would represent her faith better(this will come with age & time I hope). But I’ll pray for her & her family to stay united and in God. Serena comes from a tradition of womanhood built on what’s inside being stronger than what’s outside. Black women have been getting it done for centuries without loosing their femeninity. The weak ones get lost.

  10. David

    vamos serena all the way from Spain, we love you and bought your and will buy the next one when you return back to #1. We love your fiery competitiveness, its the reason we watch tennis…people are just jealous they wanna cheat you on court…stand up for yourself where nobody else can!!!! VAMOS!

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