You can’t say that, Serena!

Serena Williams Foot fault, US OPen“If I could, I would take this f… ball and shove it down your f… throat,” a statement that resulted in a point penalty on match point at the US Open where Serena Williams lost her semi-final match against Kim Clijsters. 

You can’t say this to ANYONE, Serena, no matter who you are!

4 thoughts on “You can’t say that, Serena!

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  2. Nina

    Also, how ironic it is, that Serena has been trying to promote her book with all carefully planned appearances. Yesterday, before her match against Kim Clijsters she wrote: “I would like to thank everyone that purchased, “On the Line!” I am on the NYT bestsellers list as number 23! I am honored & very thankful.”

    My guess is, that her book sales numbers are going to significantly drop. What do you think? Will people who were planning to buy her book change their mind after the “foot fault” incident?

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